Social Media is a new phenomenon and is digging in for the long haul. Online networking has empowered individuals to be associated continuously and is bringing out new features of individuals’ intrigue, engagement, and conduct. But the social media turn out as a stage for spreading scorn, as serious issue should not be tolerated.

With the beginning of the attack against Qatar, the issue of spreading disdain through web-based social networking locales has developed in the GCC area. Everybody protects the position of the nation in a way that the fact of the matter is truant as opposed to giving his own reasonable supposition on the issue.

Presently the emergency has turned into an issue to enrapture the general population into different gatherings as opposed to joining them and the general population of every nation is communicating assessment from the perspective of the state they hold their nationality or in a bigot way.

The social media were produced to inhale openly as well as uninhibitedly express the perspectives accessible to all. Be that as it may, this attitude has changed these systems from stages intended to spread believability and objectivity in the introduction of perspectives to stages of creation and development of false news. It curved the sites to spread abuse over away is by all accounts a long way from the high esteem.

The information distributed on social media are being published in newspapers and sites. The electronic media of attack nations are as yet airing counterfeit news and talks in a misrepresented way in an offer to spread bits of gossip, created pictures and film intentionally to discolor the picture of Qatar and those supporting its standing. There are many negative effects of electronic media on GCC residents without sanity fuelled by misdirecting data clearly from barring nations and their quiet on this issue prompted break the social texture of GCC nations.