Mexican country engineer has invented biopolymer which helps farmers to grow the trees in arid climates. The invention of the experts holds supplement bound water for a while, opening new conceivable outcomes for cultivating in forsake districts and different spots where rain is rare.

The invention developed by Mr. Rafael Rios Trejo. Mr. Rafael’s invention is being tried as well as marketed through the firm Dos Rios in a joint effort with the Institute of Technology and Higher Studies of Monterrey, the Autonomous University of Chapingo.

The invention has gained support from the Mexico-United States Foundation for Science as well as won the 2014 National Entrepreneur Prize of Mexico. In Mexico as well as in other countries the Rios organization has effectively developed plants with its item around 1,000 hectares of dry land. The company customs a grouping of the biodiesel waste as well as carbon dioxide and methane to capture water in a polymer. Plants would then be able to be supported by the polymer for a considerable length of time, precipitation in any case.

The company’s public relations director said, “The polymer can achieve reforestation which can be compared to the so-called Solid Rain.” Victor Jimenez contrasted the utilization of the polymer with trickle water system, however for this situation the water is contained in a sack which is underneath the plant.

Victor Jimenez aid that the polymer is natural as the another invention Solid Rain utilize oil and lye. The polymer signifies no mischief to the earth or the plants, as the invention recognized by the United States Nourishment and Drug Administration.

In Durango, the company is building a biotechnology research and innovation center in.