An Indian Multinational Car Manufacturing corporation Mahindra & Mahindra to get Ford’s vehicle platform to share electric car technology. The company is planning to build all new electric sedan. It would be a great opportunity for both the companies as the Mahindra will impart it’s moderate electric vehicle advancements to Ford. The last intends to utilize this innovation in its entry-level autos.

Pawan Goenka is the Managing Director of Mahindra and Mahindra. According to the sources at Mahindra Electric Pawan Goenka alongside his associates has reviewed the platform while approving an organization with Ford. An American multinational company Ford will get the electric innovation of Mahindra, that is the main purpose of exchange toward that path. Both the companies will discover a strategic alliance in areas of product, future mobility, development. For imminent three years, the group of the specialists from both the organizations will work together.

Goenka said about this partnership that all the changes automobile industry facing are raised by the supportability approaches, the rise of the new technologies as well as new models of urban shared versatility. So there is need to suspect new market patterns, investigate options and search for approaches to team up and assemble intense cooperative energies that will permit quick misuse of the energizing new open doors.

Ford’s domestic market share suffers at just around 3 percent which stated that the company has neglected to get a solid position in the domestic market, also Ford has contracted its product portfolio to just five cars.