Japanese instant communication app Line recently entered into the artificial intelligence industry to control Asia’s virtual assistant market because of its primary focus and leverage in the region. The line was originally developed as a mobile application for Android as well as iOS smartphones. The line users exchange text as well as images, video and video conferences. The application intended to carry Asia into the AI field with its own AI framework called Clova.

In February 2017, Line’s Clova technology introduced at the Barcelona Mobile World Congress which exists in LINE’s smart home speakers as well as in smaller CHAMP. Clova’s reaction components are custom-made to process dialect in a more characteristic manner. Euivin Park said that Clova is planned to be a virtual collaborator and machine learning is only the part of the virtual assistant. As of now, the Clova technology is just accessible in LINE’s WAVE and CHAMP brilliant speakers which will go to the general public to those in Japan and South Korea.

Line plans to expand the Clova technology but the plans would not be acknowledged so far. Line additionally plans to incorporate Clova into cell phones as well as in toys, retail benefits, and home machines. The company has set up associations with noticeable Asian industry players like LG, Toyota, Yamaha to secure the technology’s future however presently can’t seem to give subtle elements on regardless of whether Clova would be accessible on their items.

Line’s Clova technology introduces when tech giant Google and cloud computing company Amazon have started propelling the advancement of their own AI stages in their own shrewd speakers.