Hong Kong scientist’s new idea that empowers polyester to be reaped from undesirable materials and reused into new garments. Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel created the innovation and presently work for cotton-polyester mixed textures. With the help of HKRITA solution cotton is separated into cellulose particles in a procedure that consolidates warmth and water. Dr. Gloria Yao is a project development director of HKRITA as well as the lead researcher for this technology.

Dr. Gloria Yao said, “The product consumes less energy as compare to the production of virgin polyester.” The new technology involves limited manpower. The water utilized as a part of the procedure can be reused.

This project brings HKRITA and non-benefit H&M Foundation for four years that started in 2016. Innovation lead at the H&M Foundation, Erik Bang said that the project team is working on a pilot plant slated to be operational within the next 12 months.

Mixed textures, for example, cotton and polyester make up the larger part of materials on the planet, yet they are difficult to reuse as there is no innovation to isolate the materials. Existing material reusing strategies mechanically shred materials into strands, in this manner diminishing the length and nature of the filaments. They must be joined with virgin strands to influence new to pieces of clothing.

Bang stated that if the project accomplished successfully then the fashion industry could meet the growing global demand for clothes without having to rely on virgin materials.