The leading provider of the encryption hardware devices, Yubico propelled world’s smallest, multi-protocol USB-C authentication device.

The device called YubiKey 4C Nano. The company will exhibit the new device at the Microsoft Ignite conference from 25th to 28th September 2017.

The device offering enterprise-grade verification functionality within a micro-sized hardware device. The device is an achievement in engineering as well as product design.

YubiKey 4C Nano intended for use with the most recent devices including USB-C ports. Yubico making the littlest USB-C validation device to sit in the USB-C port as a semi-permanent installation.

The most recent device supports several authentication protocols including the YubiKey 4, YubiKey 4 Nano, and YubiKey 4C. When it comes to the performance, then it performs strong crypto and touch-to-sign with one touch.

After the launched of the YubiKey 4C keychain design, the clients requested a considerably littler YubiKey frame factor with a USB-C outline likened to the YubiKey 4 Nano. So the modern device has come up with the strong two-factor authentication for secure, one-touch login.

Chief Executive officer and Founder of Yubico, Stina Ehrensvard said, “Two-factor authentication with the YubiKey is the easiest and most secure way to protect enterprise and consumer identities, accounts, and data.”

Further, Stina Ehrensvard added, “YubiKey 4 Nano to be the most powerful USB-C authenticator built for the future as USB-C ports become more prevalent across mobile and computing devices.”

The YubiKey 4C Nano secures access to an extensive variety of big business and cloud-based applications, including Windows savvy card login and Windows Hello usefulness, U2F strong verification, remote access, VPN and so on.