In Canberra, the French Space Agency CNES and the University of New South Wales are planning to form a space mission outline organization, which will be able to track the Australia’s capacity to convey world-class space innovation and development.

Rector of UNSW Canberra, Professor Michael Frater said, “The University of New South Wales Canberra will host Australia’s first Concurrent Design Facility by the end of the year.” Further, Michael Frater stated that the partnership integrates their software as well as training, the contract clarified that UNSW Canberra is highly viewed globally.

Overall joint efforts between CNES, the Indian Space Research Organization, NASA JAXA and the European Space Agency, to fly two-sided space missions as of now happen much of the time, with privately owned businesses and business visionaries, for example, Elon Musk getting in on the activity. For the first time, CNES and The UNSW Canberra collaborate to allow Australia to engage on the world stage.

Director of UNSW Canberra Space, Professor Russell Boyce said that the office gave the framework to catch the basic plan components of a space mission. The CNES programming and preparing would connect these components into a designing model of the whole framework.

In March 2017, the Australian and French governments likewise marked a joint articulation, in which they both communicated their expectation to coordinate all the more intently in the radio stargazing and space science parts, expanding on existing cooperation in connection to misuse of satellite route advancements and satellite symbolism for financial and ecological advantage.

According to the professor Boyce, the agreement would provide a boost to economic growth as well as jobs.

Boyce said, “A solid network of people with skills and experience in developing, procuring and managing missions has not previously existed in Australia.”