China’s leading big data company, SinoBBD invited to attend one of the largest cloud computing event called ‘Cloud Connect China 2017’. At Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center the highly anticipated Cloud Connect China 2017 opened. The event pulled n number of innovation engineers as well as CIOs, CTOs, online business, among other well-known application ranges.

Chief executive officer of BeijingSinoBBD, Dr. Shuaiyu Wang conveyed a keynote discourse and also guided people on the future development of the cloud computing industry. Dr. Shuaiyu Wang shared how to defend national information sway and enable organizations to engage the cloud biological community through broad incorporation.

The cloud computing industry has gone through a process of rapid development, from proposal to maturity and from concept to implementation. The cloud computing is developing from basically being an innovation that administrators and firms are putting into training to one that is indicating more characteristics as a device.

Dr. Shuaiyu Wang said at the Cloud Connect China event, “The companies must overcome three obstacles such as resources, trust, and capital in order to set oneself apart from the competition in the cloud computing sector”.

Dr. Shuaiyu Wang remarking on SinoBBD Cloud’s business portfolio said, “The advantages of having points of interest because of the association’s driving position inside the business, and also access to assets and capital, made ready for the change of its cloud business from one that was centered around a limited vertical to one that incorporates the expansiveness of the whole business”.