Thomas Francis is the name of the Clinton Man who invented the Shark Tooth Edger for people to make their daily life easier.

At InventHelp’s INPEX, a 68-year-old Thomas Francis wins national award for his outstanding invention. It is America’s largest invention trade show where Thomas invention was the part of the lawn-garden category. The awards were distributed to the 45 individual categories.

Thomas Francis’s connection is basic as proprietor of a front-wheel drive cutter just takes off one of the front haggles the eight-sharp edges.

It is easy and simple to assemble as well as disassemble the invention with the help of the screws. Additionally, it takes into account property holders to limit the measure of grass hardware.

Thomas explained that each year manufacturer sells 17 million lawn of different sizes based on caliber, that is the main reason to receive ignorance from many manufacturers.

Francis said, “This is in the $65 bracket because it makes sense”. Further, he stated, “It works extremely well. … With the know-how we have in this country, we can put a weed wacker on the side of, we can put an edge like I did, and you could do all jobs with one piece of equipment. And you wouldn’t have a packed garage”.

Thomas required two years to figure out the idea of the high-carbon blade, the blades which are made in Iowa utilizing agrarian review steel.

Thomas said, “I don’t back down very easy. … I think that’s why I’m so dedicated to this cause. Too many people today don’t realize there are thousands out of work and it’s only going to get worse”.