Ms. Kathy Carver and Dr. David Zamierowski has come up with a startup firm from a health care simulation center. Ms. Kathy Carver is a nursing professor, also chairwomen of Johnson Country Community College’s Healthcare Simulation Center and Dr. David Zamierowski is a retired surgeon as well as he is a medical adviser for the program. Both come together and created a JC3 Innovations after the tool that help students to measure blood glucose levels.

A JC3 is a kit that allows students to practice blood glucose tests.

Ms. Kathy Carver said, “We’re always looking for something to make our environment as real as possible”. Further, she added, “We had no way to do an actual simulation of a blood puncture for them while using some type of solution that would activate a glucometer”.

The developed device can be with a glucose arrangement as well as punctured to work on measuring blood glucose levels. The device called ‘SAFingerStick’.

JC3 innovation began sales its first product this summer at price $95.

Ms. Carver said, “Simulation is now the expectation of all programs, that simulation-based experiences should be available for students”. Ms. Carver added, “It’s not something that is static, we have to stay up with what our current demands are as practitioners”.

In the Kansas City area, Dr. David Zamierowski has been a strong advocate for health care education and simulation. Dr. David helping Johnson Country Community College to open its Healthcare Simulation Center.

An associate vice president of institutional advancement and government affairs for the JCCC Foundation, Kate Allen said, “Dr. David is a proven inventor, he has helped steer us through much of this”. Further, Kate added, “He is very passionate about improving training for nurses and doctors through simulation, this is an example of one of his concepts coming to life here through faculty being willing to go above and beyond, like Kathy”.