A researcher from the University of Warwick has come up with the modern breakthrough in synthetic biology. Now, programmed cells like a computer can be used to fight the disease like cancer.

Professor Alfonso Jaramillo led the research and now this new technique can control plant cells as well as reverse environmental as well as agricultural issues.

Professor Jaramillo explained that RNA convey data amongst protein and DNA in cells so these molecules will be able to produce the sequence of commands which feed directions into cells.

The programmed cells have the ability to process and react to directions and codes inputted into their principle framework.

Most of the RNA sequences could be produced to enable cells with a ‘Virtual Machine like a software operating on the computer and application running on mobile device.

The virtual machine will be able to interpret an RNA language to perform particular activities to address diverse ailments.

This will allow us to download sequence of activities into cells and trained them to execute complex choices encoded in the RNA.

Professor Alfonso Jaramillo said, “The capacities of RNA particles has enabled us to build systems of sub-atomic switches that could be made to process subjective requests encoded in RNA.”

Further, the professor added, “The cells could read the RNA ‘software’ to perform the encoding tasks, which could make the cells detect abnormal states, infections, or trigger developmental programs.”