A leading inventor service company is planning to develop a multi-purpose food storage container. The food container called Snacks UPS. Now a day’s people focused on their health so keep this thing in mind the food storage container industry offers a container in a scope of materials as well as shapes, more to oblige a wide range of nourishment.

In 1984, InventHelp was established that can refer an independent licensed patent attorney to provide a preliminary patent search. The company assists the new ideas to the industry and it maintains the largest network of regional sales offices.

A creator from the Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States, has designed the multi-purpose food storage container which allows a user or any corporate employee to carry a different type of food within one appropriate container. The name of the inventor is not exposed yet.

The creator of the container stated, “I wanted to bring two separate meals to work that my wife fixed for me, but did not want the hassle of having to carry multiple containers”. Further, he added, “I decided to invent this accessory to ease the transportation of meals while away from home”.

With the help of this invention, it is not only possible to independently store as well as transport different nourishment items together but also empowers them to make a total feast from the different parts inside seconds.

The multi-purpose food container could add to more advantageous dietary patterns and it also helps to save the money of the user. The user can move anywhere with the container easily, wash and is tough for quite a long time of powerful utilize.

Inventions design was submitted to the company’s Durham office, where the food container is available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers.