Glance Technologies Inc. has registered its provisional patent with the United States patent for e-commerce security through glance pay anywhere.

The company filed the patents with the US patent for its latest innovation which permits requests, as well as payments, started from customary sites on any stage to be secured through mobile devices.

This advancement brings greater security for buyers while permitting the comfort of requesting and starting exchanges from the web from desktop PCs.

Glance Technologies Inc. is the creator of the Glance pay, also the company operating the application.

Glance pay is an efficient payment system that transforms how cell phone clients pick where to merchandise as well as ventures, recover computerized bargains, procure incredible prizes and associate with dealers.

The Glance Pay system comprises of exclusive innovation, and it has gone into huge licensing agreements to get to the cannabis through Active Pay Distribution Inc. furthermore, Cannapay Financial Inc.

This is Glance’s third patent application in applications designed to protect Glance’s proprietary mobile payment system technology.

Once the application converted into the international patent cooperation treaty application which is intended to give significant commercial protection for Glance’s technologies.

The glance will keep on filing extra patent applications as it keeps on building up its imaginative innovation.

As compared to the desktop or laptops mobile devices offer a broader array of the security technology and the devices continue their rapid technological advancement.

The chief executive officer of a Glance, Mr. Desmond Griffin said, “Mobile payments are the future for internet payment security and, with our incredible anti-fraud track record and recent provisional patent filing.”