The experts from the University of Sussex working on an extraordinary fast quantum computer that could solve the thousands of problems for which supercomputer would take billions of years to crack. At the University of Sussex, the machine housed and it is a model particle qubit quantum PC. The system is intended to show innovation that denotes a leap forward to manufacture PCs in light of the odd standards of quantum material science.

The expertise expected that within ten years they will have the capacity to scale up the gadget to produce the main economically accessible all-inclusive quantum PC equipped for taking care of bunch diverse issues. The Quantum computers are stated as the multitaskers and capable of doing multiple operations at once much faster than conventional computers.

University of Sussex’s head of the quantum technology lab, Professor Winfried Hensinger said, “What we’re constructing here is a ‘universal’ quantum computer, which means you can decide what you want it to solve as opposed to it only performing one task”.

Winfried Hensinger said, “We’re already working with industry partners. In maybe 10 to 15 years a large-scale computer could be available”. Further, he added, “By no means is it going to be small, cheap or energy efficient, but it’s a start. It could be the size of a football pitch, but we hope we can shrink that significantly”.

Unlike a conventional computer, a quantum computer “qubit” can be a one, can be zero or both or an infinite number, this is just because of the ability of subatomic particles to be in more than one state at the same time.

Dissimilar to other quantum computers, Prof Hensinger’s machine uses individually charged atoms and those are called “ions” to perform calculations. Every single ion involving heavy metal which named ytterbium. To cool the vibrating atoms to a small amount of a degree above total zero laser beams are used.

Prof Hensinger explained,” Unbelievably fast means quantum computers can solve problems you couldn’t even dream about solving before”.