The war on trade between the U.S. and China is not showing any sign of ending as a war of words ensued between the two this week too.

The U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer first called China an “unprecedented” threat, because of the “sheer scale of their coordinated efforts to develop their economy, to stabilize, to create national champions, to force technology transfer and to distort markets.”

And is the response of that China contradicted, recapping its long-term attitude that two-sided relationship is good for both sides. “The nature of China-U.S. trade relations is mutually beneficial. China and the U.S. should work together to uphold the authority of the WTO rules,” said by Lu Kang, a spokesperson for China’s Foreign Ministry.

China rejected to be disheveled by what the U.S. has to say, as Beijing is stronger than ever to maintain strength ahead of a major leadership scuffle in a few weeks’ time. But the U.S. doesn’t look like it plans to smolder down anytime soon. Particularly as the U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to visit China later this year and the two sides prepare to sit down at the negotiable table.

Both of these countries are the world’s largest economies and the trade deficit between these two is more than $300 billion a year. And this is something which is pointed by many critics as an unstable relationship. China, counters that “many U.S. products are not favored by Chinese.”

According to an editorial in state media Global Times, “But China still imports them for its trade balance. Some terribly produced Hollywood movies have profited handsomely on the Chinese market.”

And for the Beijing, it’s a tricky line as middle-class Chinese consumers have demanded foreign products in the stir of many food and health safety jolts over the years. And the government limits the number of foreign films that can be released in China each year.

But all this is never minded by the China because Chinese wants to send the message that all this is not the one-sided relationship. The nationalistic Global Times wrote, “Washington doesn’t need to act as it has been taken for a ride.”

But this is the fact that still, the Trump administration pressure continues in China.