The team of researchers from Standford University has come up with the facial recognition system that helps to recognize the gender of human just looking at them. The researcher using thousands of images from dating websites for this process.

It’s not simple as it looks, but as per the research normal apprehensions that it will sketch new ways for observation and control, and could be especially hurtful for underestimated individuals.

The recognition will soon have the capacity to distinguish somebody’s sexual introduction, as well as their political perspectives, guiltiness, and even their IQ.

The researchers from Standford University tested thousands of images instead of two to analyze that whether their system is correct or not. But there is the possibility that the artificial intelligence is being confused by other stimuli.

This is especially important on the grounds that scientist tried the pictures taken from the dating sites, which implies that the pictures themselves are halfway as they were chosen to draw in somebody.

The group of the analyst utilized the VGG-Face programming, which encodes faces as a series of numbers. The product has been utilized for undertakings like spotting superstar clones in compositions.

The team released the program they created, they perform their AI on another picture to identify some common factors related to gay and straight, but the test was limited and drew from the biased database.

Specialists say this is a deceptive claim that isn’t upheld by the most recent science. There might be a typical reason for confronting shape and sexual introduction. The most reasonable justification is the adjust of hormones in the womb yet that doesn’t mean face shape dependably predicts sexual introduction.