Oh! What an amazing action is done by this man. He took himself to the old age and the world too. And all his work and actions are shown on the YouTube channel called Primitive Technology shows his whole journey. The channel shows how he makes weapons, shelter, clothing, and some other things. He did all this work without stating a simple word.

The Primitive Channel was started in the year 2015 in the month of May, his name is John Plant and he is Australian. His channel got 5.4 million subscribers and it has more than 359 million views. And this project of him creates enough is ad income to fund Plant’s frugal existence in far north Queensland. He has the blog too to explain his work.

John Plant said via email, “I went to university and got a bachelor of science, but didn’t do anything with it. Instead, I mowed lawns for a living (self-employed) while doing Primitive Technology on the side as a hobby only.”

He said that now his full-time work is doing videos because these videos create “more money than mowing.”

Plant’s fascination with existing off of nature happening at age 11 when he would make small huts by a stream behind his house using only things he could find in the wild. He refined his skills and by age 18 could kindle a fire with sticks and leaves.

He said: “People are naturally wired to be interested in this sort of activity because in the past those who weren’t probably died out or didn’t pass on their genes. This hobby also keeps me fairly fit and active, which is good for health.”

The videos which he made he doesn’t talk because he found when watching lessons that he would usually fast forward to the demo. When he holds the Stone Age, he lives a comparatively normal and modern life off camera.

He said about his experience that, “When I’m not in the wild I spend most of my time on the internet researching primitive technology. I don’t live in the wild. This is just an interest, though I camp out in the huts sometimes.”