Teen from a Port Elizabeth city has developed a system helps to control the vehicle theft. Abongile Ngcosholo is the name of the teenager, 19-year-old Abongile exposes that the vehicle robbery is common in his city. To minimise the occurrence of these robberies he invented the system. The teenager Abongile Ngcosholo appears Ndzondelelo High School which is in the Eastern Cape. Abongile Ngcosholo has formulated a circuit board system which will alert vehicle owners when the car door is opened. Abongile explained, the system is worked with the key which vibrates as well as lights up when a vehicle car door is opened. The goal of the system is to develop a signal that will alert an owner when the car is opened. Once the door of the car has locked and the owner left, the system would send the alert signal if someone else forces to open the door.

The Transet company recognized the Ngcosholo’s invention which offered him financial assistance. Transet is a Longview-based contracting firm offering general contracting as well as construction management and design services. Ngcosholo said, “I had this idea of people seeing a signal on their keys when someone is stealing their cars, but didn’t know how to make the device. I have designed a few prototypes to get my device to work”. Further, he added, “I wanted people to see immediately when their cars were being stolen”. The teenager awarded a scholarship from his school when the head of the department Ayanda Simayi observed Ngcosholo’s outstanding talent. In 2016, at the International Eskom Science Expo Competition Ngcosholo’s talent was showcased. He was the winner of that competition.  Sandiswa QayiIn recognized the potential of Ngcosholo’s invention, currently, he is monitoring him. Sandiswa QayiIn is a regional Grassroots Innovation Programme representative and innovator. Sandiswa QayiIn said, “I think that is an excellent invention in a place where crime is at the highest. He is an innovator who used technology to addresses social ills”.