The team of the experts from Cambridge has invented a product named ‘Sia’. With the help of the developed product, people can store their data on the open storage space. They have also come up with the digital currency ‘Siacoin’. Using the developed digital currency people can pay the transactions. It is the best instance of the blockchain technology which was developed along with Bitcoin. These could lead to reform the internet transactions. For all digital currency, Siacoin has been pulled into the hypothesis free which has prompted tremendous variances in valuation with controllers and financial specialists attempting to keep up.

The Nebulous is the company behind Siacoin, and the instability has caused for Nebulous. The company plans for their technology to challenge distributed storage suppliers such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google but it depends on their Siacoins holding certifiable esteem. The people or clients get the digital currency on public exchanges, or they can acquire them as payment for facilitating the files of other people. There is some other technique called mining through which people can earn Siacoin, which rewards for approving the security of exchanges. According to the report, the aggregate estimation of digital forms of money has hit an $116.9 billion which is an untouched high. Galen Moore, a

Cryptocurrency expert stated that Sia is a standout just because he feels that it’s just a single part of a genuine item. However, for the system to work people need to put stock in the money, and they can money out when they have to. Siacoins proprietor said, “We believe in the product, and pure speculators are quickly shut down on discussion groups. For us, it’s not necessarily the money, but the aspect of participating in an interesting project that could reshape the cloud storage industry”. Few investors of Sia afraid from many blockchain startups, but seek out the projects would only be possible with the technology.