The team of experts from the Kaunas University of Technology designed a device that can measure pressure as well as it varies children illnesses prevention as well as it monitors physics condition. All the humans suffered their weight by the feet, so slight change in pressure indicates diagnosing occurrence as well as improvement in health condition such as flat feet condition and tow deformation. Experts stated that most of the Lithuanians exposed by flat feet condition, among those the most helpless group is children’s group.

For preventing such conditions, feet pressure and wearing special shoes would be the solution. The designed system archives mobile sensors information placed on a sole of a shoe. Afterward, for visualization the data being sent through a Bluetooth connection to a computer system. The smartphone with some appropriate application could be used by the researcher. The smart device is used for diagnosing certain health condition as well as feet condition of athletes. The team of the researcher looking to integrate the system in the shoes. Kaunas University of Technology students and team stated that the production of the pressure measuring device is not that much expensive as well as the energy costs for usage are minimal.