China’s One of the young inventor invented multilayer PCB-3D Print System individually. It is surprising that multilayer PCB system was made easily with Fused Deposition Modeling Technology. “It took a year to create the 3D printer through self-study”, he stated. Bojuwang Wang is the name of the young inventor born in Laiyang in 2000. Bojuwang Wang interested in the scientific inventions. The young inventor becomes famous for his inventions also he had been approved for the toys machine. Bojuwang Wang established his own company in 2008 when he is eight-year-old, then he had registered his company and wrote his own web pages. He started self-study on the 3D printer as no one willing to teach him. He began the study in 2013, he gathered all the required information to develop the system.

His dedication and hard work took one year to form the respective system. Bojuwang/Allen Wang finally printed a 3D vase in 2014, one of the largest equipment between his inventions. It was successful but he was not satisfied with the result so he started to make innovation. Bojuwang Wang reformed his 3D printer and stated it the second-generation printer. In 2016, Bojuwang Wang presented his 3D printer in the 31st Shandong teenagers’ science and technology innovation contest where he was awarded the second prize for his innovative technology. With outstanding innovations in each generation, Allen’s PCB-3D Print had finished the fourth innovation. The 3D printer in Fourth generation is equipped with two groups of a special extrusion system, one is for printing non-conductive materials and other is for printing self-developed Nano-silver-based conductive material. The non-conductive materials used as the base plate and the Nano-silver-based conductive material used as the conducting shell. The printed circuit board reaches hundreds of layers and Bojuwang/Allen Wang won the champion in “2016 WTIO First Maker Competition”. Afterwards, Bojuwang discovered that games develop faster than science and technology in China, so he decided to write an anti-game program. He invented a program named “65 game shield” and it was received among the people as it did not impact the other computer functions. Mr. Bojuwang said, “we could hang out many years ago, but now we could only stay at home and stare at the screen. I have to do something before my friends got completely addicted”.