At the Los Angeles Convention Center, on 12th June 2017, the tech giant ‘Samsung’ declared that it is going to debut its stretchable OLED display. The tech giant exposing its invention on upcoming Tuesday. According to the sources, the Galaxy S8 maker will use this modern technology in making wearable display and many other things. As per the Korea Herald, the tech giant has confirmed that it will be showcasing a 9.1-inch stretchable light-emitting diode panel at the display conference, which is scheduled to kick off tomorrow. The South Korean company is introducing most advanced display technology into the tech industry. The giant has earlier worked on bendable, foldable and rollable displays.

According to the several sources, this stretchable display panel can be physically altered not just on one side like its previous inventions. The company stated that the panel could be scratched up to 12 millimeters when pressed. Remarkably, it returns to its original shape when it is let go, just like a balloon. But inappropriately the giant stated that it is still in the early stage of developing the stretchable display. There is no schedule yet as to when the stretchable panels would be commercially available. Excluding the stretchable OLED panel, the tech giant is also showcasing its glassless 3D OLED during the conference. Samsung has arranged a 5.09-inch prototype for this display technology. According to the sources, the practical applications of this technology is in 3D pop-up books, 3D games, and virtual reality. The technical giant is also preparing to introduce its ultra-HD liquid crystal display, which is great for augmented reality, virtual reality and holograms.