Before several years Dark Matters has been behaving terrifically. The term Dark Matter was invented by the astronomer Fritz Zwicky before 80 years. The astronomer Fritz Zwicky recognize that to break individual galaxies from avoiding giant galaxy clusters some invisible gravitational force was required. Afterward, Vera Rubin and Kent Ford refers the dark matter to explain why galaxies themselves don’t fly apart. The modest prototype is made of weakly interacting particles that move about slowly under the force of gravity. The prototype holds dark matter. The dark matter is also known as a cold dark matter that perfectly describes large-scale structures such as galaxy clusters. The two physicists stated that dark matter is capable of varying segments at different size scales. Recently, dark matter is used to resolve this conundrum.

A physicist at the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Justine Khoury and Lasha Berezhiani his former postdoc stated that dark matter condenses into a superfluid in the cold at the galactic scale. When dark matter forms a superfluid at the galactic scale then it could give rise to a new force. The special conditions required for a superfluid state to form don’t exist, at the scale of galaxy clusters. A particle physicist at the University of California, Tim Tait said, “It’s a neat idea”. He added,” “You get to have two different kinds of dark matter described by one thing and that neat idea may soon be testable”. Khoury and Berezhiani are approaching the point where they can abstract testable estimates that would allow astronomers to discover whether our galaxy is swimming in a superfluid sea.