Finally, a much awaited Ford GT is on the track. The undoubtedly fabulous Ford GT is a supercar that is totally distinct in term of moderately as well as functionally. Ford has created its consumer version of the car for the Le Mans 24-hours race. After 50 years GT scored first four consecutive overall its victories. Last summer the Ford GT back to the Le Mans. 24-hours of Le Mans is the earliest active sports car racing held in near the town of Le Mans. GT influenced its class at Le Mans by its racing version. It also made a surprise appearance as a model at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit 2015.

Le Mans are well known for its power factor. GT 40 is a showcase of the aerodynamic innovation. The Surface has been superior to minimize drag and optimize downforce, increasing cornering grip. When car speed hits 70 mph big rear wings pop up at the rear. The wings adjust itself as per the speed and high cornering velocities. Aerodynamic efficiency was the top priority, Director Craig Metros also managed the look of the car. His aim is just to deliver efficiency with high performance and modern seduction. As part of the performance, GT operates at a high level. GT probably leaves desired as a touring car.