Inspired by the Transformers movies along with cartoons and toys, In Russia, a father and son have remade an old VAZ-2110 Lada car into a working transformer. Both spent six months to complete this project, and then choose a small city of Moscow named ‘Oryol’ to show it off. They incredibly changed the shape of the car into the robot, which is impressive. The old VAZ-2110 Lada car is so unreliable, heavy as well as shoddily made.

The car becomes a meme in Russia. Most of the pranksters in Russia use old Ladas and other Soviet-era cars for curling practice. People will drive the car first and then do roughly strange, most possibly treacherous when they want to get rid of them. People might have a ride of Ladas to viral fame. Both the duo performer outfitted guns into the car model to make a terrifying machine, it looks distinct and tremendous transformation ever seen before. The Transformer is different just because of its gun involvement, but sometimes it is very risky to handle.