YouTube has delivered on its promise of delivering a special ‘Made for India’ YouTube Go app by launching the beta version of the app on Google Play Store in India.

YouTube Go has been designed such that it offers users a greater control over their data usage through the app. The app not only offers choice in terms of whether the user wants to stream the video or save the video, it also provides transparency on how much data was spend on streaming or saving the videos. Further, YouTube Go has social features that enables you to share videos quickly and easily with friends and family.

The app provides a fresh and relevant video recommendation tailored to ones preferences. It is designed to be offline first and improve the experience of watching videos on a slower network.

YouTube Go home screen features trending and popular videos in an area, so that a user can find and discover videos that his/her community cares about. On YouTube Go, a user can see a preview of the video when he/she taps on a thumbnail, giving a better sense of what the video is about. A user can also choose to save a video for offline viewing later.

With a tagline of “Mazze Udao, Data Nahi”, YouTube Go now allows a user to preview and choose the size of the video. With YouTube Go, users can share videos with friends and family nearby without using any data.

Johanna Wright, Vice President (Product Management) at YouTube, in September announced that YouTube Go has an easy user interface, works on low connectivity, cuts cost in data usage and offers personalised suggestions to the users.

Based on browsing history, patterns and languages, the new app will also serve 10 new videos every week.