WhatsApp, biggest messaging app, is apparently working on a feature that could let users unbend awkward communications after they have been sent.

The feature newly seemed provisionally in the latest WhatsApp beta release, and is alleged to only work on messages that haven’t yet been read.

An update to the Facebook-owned app will only let users recall a message before it has been read by the recipient.
WhatsApp has not yet replied for statement, and it remains unidentified when, and if, the feature will be sped out to all users.

Updated feature should be accessible soon, but possibly we must wait for the next iOS official update.

The beta release contains other changes, including the capability to share your location with other users and some new font shortcuts. There’s also a new ‘change number’ feature, which lets users to simply tell connection if they’ve got a new number.

After users pressed a message, new update accessible them with options like ‘Edit’ or ‘Revoke’.

The first allowed the user to inform the content of their message, while the second allowed them to reminiscence it completely.

Latest update recommends the organisation is trying out diverse way to make the feature work.