On Thursday night 6th April 2017 at Syria, U.S. launched various missiles. The reason behind that was, Syrian’s use of banned chemical weapon that killed hundreds of people. US used Tomahawk missile for attack. It was first direct aggression of American on Syria Government. According to US president Donald Trump, Bashar Assad president of Syria was responsible for attack because of his statement employed banned.

US missiles hit in Washington at 8.45 p.m. (Washington Time) and Friday morning in Syria at 3.45 a.m. (Syrian time). Syrian reported the attack as an “aggression”.
Trump declared, “Assad killed lives of uninvolved men, women and children”. People were not targeted. US officially update NBC News that aircraft and infrastructure were hit along with runway and gas fuel. Trump inform reporters moving on Air Force one to Florida, where he was going to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping. Trumps attack on Syria could signal to china that new president isn’t afraid of independent military steps. Trump travelled to Florida along with Defence Secretary James Mattis, Secretary of State Tillerson and national security advisor. They were like the strike was targeted at the facility that delivered chemical weapon attack, so strike itself was proportional. But Syrian identified missile strike as “American aggression”

Russia, in support of president Bashar since September 2015. According to Russian news agencies, strikes action would “cause major damage on US-Russia ties”.

In comparison Saudi Arabia said it fully supports the strikes, adding that it was “correct decision” by US president Donald Trump.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fully supports the US strikes. “President Trump sent a strong and clear message that the use of chemical weapons will not tolerated”, statement by Netanyahu.

The move generated an instant reaction across everything from stock to commodities and currencies. While some of the initial moves – for example, oil climbs toward one month high, US hasn’t ruled out action against the nuclear armed China ally, Korean won losses have eased.

“Market will just be tensed for all day”. Market have been looking for reason to sell off. The uncertainty that surrounds this give them a definite cause to do that and there’s absolute spill over into the South Korean market because of North Korean situation.