On Wednesday 19th April 2017, Microsoft launched a new application in the market called “To-Do”.The application defines as “Intelligent and Simple to-do list” by Redmond-based company. The new application is now available on various platform such as Android, iOS, Windows 10.

With the help of To-Do application, user will be able to create the list of the daily task, and app helps them to remember their daily task along with the date. Even the user will get to know the prior day’s task by using the new app.

To-Do application synchronizes the data from mobile and computer device and soon user will get a chance to access the content from a different platform. The application does not contain any inspirational name, but it allows the user to keep track of their daily activities. The Microsoft’s To-Do app is the integration of intelligent technology and design strategy, which allow the user to create their daily worksheet.

The application is developed by the team of Wunderlist. The firm added, “The app is built on office 365”. In future will be able to use more functionality of the To-Do app. With the application, it is easy to stay connected to outlook’s daily task. It also helps the user to arrange their task across devices.